Things a Teenager Should and Shouldn’t Do

Things a Teenager Should and Shouldn’t Do

A simple, quick and effective guide, for teenagers who are lost in the world of puberty.

1. Do not stare at people, (well this rule applies for everyone) people often think bad of you, psychopath, wanting to start a fight, pervert, etc.

2. Do not act tough (when you’re not that is)

3. Wear your clothes PROPERLY ( dont’ try to be some hood rat drug dealer, with your shirt hanging out and looking like a storm, that just doesn’t work. No reputation, no respect)

4. Talk properly (don’t make up you’re own words, talk retardedly etc.)

5. THIS ONLY APPLIES FOR WOMEN. Please don’t bitch so loudly, nobody really wants to hear it, and it makes you sound like a bitch (common sense).

6. Don’t swear- this just makes you look uncivilised, not sophisticated, lously, lame, and a punkass kid.

However even if you do see or hear a teenager do the things listed above. Don’t think bad of them, unless they really are bad, just ignore them. They are going through the rough stage of puberty where they are filled with hormones and will kill to do something to the opposite or same sex. You were once teenagers, and let the world know once again that teenagers, are attention seeker hormones.

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